Beckman Coulter Foundation

Vision and Mission

Vision: Advancing healthcare, scientific education and discovery, philanthropy and associate engagement.

Mission: Supporting innovative diagnostic and scientific solutions that improve healthcare and wellbeing, while providing philanthropic opportunities that engage and inspire associates.

Who Is the Beckman Coulter Foundation?

The Beckman Coulter Foundation is a separate, private foundation established in 2007 as an important part of Beckman Coulter's charitable giving efforts. The Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of Beckman Coulter, by funding programs which are focused around science, science education and healthcare-related research that improves patient health and the quality of life.

Areas of Focus

The Beckman Coulter Foundation will consider requests for support from non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, charities and academia whose programs and efforts are in alignment with the Beckman Coulter Foundation’s emphasis in science, science education and healthcare-related research.